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75 Slow

a fully immersive 13 week community wellness challenge hosted by ETHER.

Drawing inspiration from my personal journey completing three "unsuccessful" attempts at the 75 Hard Challenge. Despite “technical failures” by rule standards,I persisted until day 75 each time, emerging as as higher version of myself on day 75, every single time.



75 Slow breaks down and simplifies the key components for designing a healthy lifestyle. From fundamentals like cycle syncing, nutrition, understanding your hormones and proactively planning, to guided self reflection, introspection and mindset work—this challenge will empower you to learn and apply the necessary skills required to build sustainable daily habits and routines.

Over the course of 13 weeks together you’ll be supported through a series of daily and weekly exercises and prompts, check ins and accountability, group coaching calls, guest speakers and in person workshops. Each week focuses on a particular theme related back to our 6 key pillars: mindset, movement, nutrition, sleep, soul, space, and of course—joy. 

This challenge is an investment in yourself that we can guarantee will change your life forever. But we’re not saying it’s going to be easy. 
We believe that discipline and structure create freedom and ease.
By creating our schedules with our health, wellness and overall joy at the forefront, we’re able to show up as the highest versions of ourselves in all areas of our lives.This challenge requires unshakable discipline, commitment, honesty, and aligned action.


Through daily practices we’ll support our six key pillars.

 1.) One forty five minute workout per day. 

2. ) 10,000 steps, that have to be outside.

3.) 2 litres of water.

4.) Follow a nutritious whole foods diet, no refined sugar, no alcohol. 

5) Daily self reflection: habit tracking and journaling. 

6) Celebrate joy & document your daily magic moments.

The Ether Portal 


  • LIVE Group Coaching Calls + Digital Community Access: Engage in group coaching calls to foster accountability, learning, and growth with valuable insights on mindset, nutrition, sleep, soul, and space.

  • Early access and exclusive discounts to Ether events, retreats, experiences and upcoming challenges.

  • Access to Ether Portal that will house all of the digital resources to support you on your 75 Slow Challenge. (With new content added each month!)


$75 + HST

IRL Ether Events



Releasing Restrictions
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Romanticizing our relationship with food with Madi Warnock from Eat Nook. 

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Moodboard Masterclass

Hosted by Autumn Hachey from Stay Here/Ether.

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Challenge dates:
September 12 - December 8, 2023

After three rounds of the challenge, I've recognized successful aspects and pitfalls.

Notably, I realized that as a woman, hormonal fluctuations affect everything from eating to energy levels, making a rigid 75-day routine counterproductive.

I've also come to the realization that my life has been on constant fast-forward, from hurried laptop lunches to living in a state of perpetual fight or flight for longer than I can even remember. 

These experiences profoundly impacted me and permanently transformed my life. 

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

75 Slow prioritizes feeling
joy every day 
& tapping into flow state.

The Ether Portal is an online (& IRL) community that fosters meaningful connections with ourselves, others and the Earth through the intentional design of mind and space.

This portal will be a resource that lives and breathes, growing throughout this challenge with new content being added each month and beyond. By joining the Ether Portal you will gain access to resources and tools that will empower you to level up your mindset, movement, nutrition, sleep, soul and space.

You’ll be granted access to a series of downloadable templates, workbooks, journal prompts, nutrition and cycle syncing cheat sheets, guest speakers, upcoming events (and discounts) and more. 

This challenge has been designed in a way that will guide participants on a journey of self discovery with an emphasis on six key pillars. 



Introducing 75 Slow, where the core principles are simple: 75 consecutive days prioritizing joy, intentional movement, self connection, gratitude, & nourishing our minds, bodies and souls while creating deeper connections with ourselves, this growing wellness community and the nature around us.

After embarking on this challenge solo over the last few years I am finally ready to share this transformative experience with my community, with my own spin of course.

Throughout each of these challenges I’ve gained valuable insights that have helped me create sustainable daily habits and routines. I’ve explored a variety of healing modalities, worked with leading mindset coaches, and developed tools and systems that have enabled me to stay on track with my goals. 

And now, I’ve cherry picked the most potent wisdom and valuable resources to help you accelerate your own wellness journey, allowing you to take control of your energy, and tap into the highest most aligned version of you.

And of course, I practice what I preach. I'll be participating in all 75 days right alongside you. I can't begin to describe the amount of joy day 75 will bring me with you all by my side.